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"I had been facing several idiopathic health issues like continuous full body itching and redness, which worsened when I consumed sour foods and also by heat. I have tried many medications and have been visiting doctors since a long time. Every medication that I ever took was to manage my condition of itchings but the real cause and treatment was still a mystery to me. After discussing my issues with the counsellors at Genetic Healing, I was advised to undergo Health Panel, that gave me a broad idea that my genes weren’t supporting methylation in my body to the fullest extent. I was suggested methylcobalamine supplementation to maintain my homocysteine levels, which was actually the underlying cause for my skin and other health issues. I was also told that genetically I have a high ability to generate oxidants (toxins) which my body is unable to metabolize, hence I was suggested to include antioxidants (Vit A,E,C) and 4-7 servings of fruits and vegetables on regular basis. After following the recommendations, I could experience significant symptomatic changes like decrease in itching and redness, which I’m very happy about. I’m sure, gradually I would be free of all the troubles that I faced in all these years."
Chennai Based IT Professional
"The whole idea for me to get the test done was because I have a very strong history of diabetes running in my family. Considering the fact that both my parents are diabetic, it was always a matter of worry and concern for me. I was advised by my dietitian, who is also a practicing Nutrigenomics Counselor, that gene testing can actually help me get an insight into my own body and the health risks and issues to watch out for. After consulting with the counsellors at Genetic Healing and my Nutrigenomics counselor, I was advised to undergo the Diabetes Management panel, which could address the issues about which I was concerned. The test revealed that in order to eliminate the risk of diabetes, I had to make certain changes to my diet as well as make certain lifestyle modifications. My dietitian was especially keen on me making the correct carbohydrate and fat balance. Also the type and intensity of exercise was suggested to me based on my genes. I was recommended a very personalized diet and an exercise regimen suitable to my genes. I was also told that if I was able to maintain my recommendations, my ease of managing the risks of the diseases will be much higher. Since then, I know about my weaker areas and using this knowledge, I am able to stay confidently healthy and happy."
Pune Based IT Professional
"Nutrigenomics was a wonderful experience for me, having many complex health issues like overweight my weight from 84 kg since last 4 years and not reduced after many efforts bally fat was always making me uncomfortable and affecting my look and working lifestyle due to dyspnea, having Type 2 diabetes and insulin intake 20 unit in before breakfast and 16 unit before dinner, which is reduced at 14 unit in before breakfast and 12 unit before dinner. I reduced weight around 76 kg. Having managed lifestyle and implementing the diet, exercise as advised by diet counselor. I strongly recommending Nutrigenomics for all."
Jaipur Based Businessman
"It was a wonderful experience with Nutrigenomics Health Panel in terms of diseases management through diet, exercise and lifestyle. It is an effective, convenient and easy to execute. The health panel managed very well my concerned health areas, which was reasonably affecting my daily work routine. Since, I was having my BMI 25.2 due to my weight 63 kg, but after an excellent counselling brought at recommended level and reduce around 8 kg weight in 3 months. The panel effectively managed my gastric distress issues besides an issue related to Varicose Veins it is moderately managed."
Jaipur Based House Wife

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