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Nutrigenomics is an exciting new field which holds the promise of health and wellness through subtle, but targeted, dietary interventions which are based on solid genomic research. Research suggests that Nutrigenomics could well define how we look at our food and our response to the various chemical components of it. Now we know that our genes are actually influenced by what we eat and they respond accordingly leading to the body becoming susceptible to various disorders and lifestyle ailments. A diet is now no longer a generic thing to be prescribed to an individual to help him control weight or other health issues and pray that it works, but a more personalized process where the diet is designed according to the genetic makeup of the individual, negating the chemicals that would potentially make the person susceptible to various disorders, thereby gifting the individual with wellness.

A frenzied, almost crazy-paced, lifestyle brings along with it a whole range of “lifestyle disorders.” Prominent among them is obesity. Obesity itself is a precursor for many other health problems. We now know that obesity has a strong genetic link and at the same time the key to losing weigh tis also in the genes. The answer to, probably, the most popular question of all times, “How to lose weight?” is in the genes! A weight loss diet customized for every individual through genetic testing works miraculously well in weight management.


To know more on how you can associate with this exciting platform, please call our Nutrigenomic Counselor on 8600034844.


Dietitians and Nutrition Experts

As a dietitian, you have been counseling numerous patients with regards to the type of nutrition they ought to take, the diet plans they ought to follow, and the exercise regimen they ought to undertake. What if you can personalize this information to suit individuals using Nutrigenomic Testing? Wouldn’t that bring an edge to your dietetic practice? Wouldn’t that increase the success rate of a nutrition program showing results? Wouldn’t the knowledge of their own genetic makeup make your patients stand up and take serious note of the counseling that they are receiving and follow their diet plans solemnly?


What if you could create a highly personalized weight loss program for your patients from their own genetic information? Wouldn’t such a weight loss diet benefit them tremendously and show results in less time?


If you think that you can benefit from our Nutrigenomic testing services, talk to our Nutrigenomics Counselor on 8600034844. GeneSupport shall provide comprehensive training to get you certified as a Nutrigenomics Counselor and help you in every possible way to gain maximum benefit out of this association. From ongoing trainings to marketing support, we will help you to reap handsome financial rewards from this exciting platform.  


Gym Instructors and Fitness Experts

As a Fitness Expert, you are trained to provide guidelines to people to perform the kind of exercises that are right for their individual bodies. You look at their bodily weaknesses and work on them by recommending exercises that will strengthen their weak muscles. At the same time you also realize that their diet plays a vital role in determining what kind of effect these exercises will have on their body. The correct kind of diet is a must to provide optimum nutrition to the body for any exercise to show its tangible effects. You have been advising them on various diets and nutrition plans. But since these are generalized plans, it is very difficult for your clients to find enough motivation to adhere to them. And the success rate of such plans is also limited as it is but a matter of chance that they will work on the individual in question.


The exciting new field of Nutrigenomics now brings research-based testing at your doorsteps. Through this comprehensive testing you can find out the genetic composition of your clients which will help you design a highly personalized diet and exercise plan for them. Since this plan will be based on their genetic composition, your clients will have no lack of motivation in adhering to it and the success rate will be very high.


Imagine the success rate of a weight loss diet plan that is based on the individual’s own genes? You will have the wherewithal to create a diet plan and exercise regimen for your clients with inside and comprehensive knowledge on how their body’s metabolism works. All this through a simple, painless test that is state-of-the-art.


If you own a Gymnasium which attracts health-conscious people and you provide diet and nutrition-based advice to them and if you want to bring an edge to your services by providing gene-based nutrition advice backed by solid research, please contact our Nutrigenomic Counselor on 8600034844.





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